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scrap my car shotts is a easy process when you use scrapping and breaking company as they will help you from the pick up of your scrap car to the issuing of a certificate of destruction.there are two ways to get a instant quote for your scrap car or van,one is that you can telephone one off our helpful staff who will help by explaining the full procedure of scrapping your car and also give your a top quote for your car.Alternatively you can do it all on line by filling  in the simple to follow form it will also give a top quote for your vehicle.

Once you have scrapped your car with us our work as only began for we then can start the devolution process this is done systematically 1/remove battery 2/ the removal of all fluids ie radiators drained  3/ all oils drained 4/ tyres removed 5/ all salable parts removed and shelved ready for re sale 6/ the residue then can go on to be recycled.Breaking and scrapping recycles up to 90%  of all scrap cars  entering there  depots.

Breaking and scrapping company are registered vehicle salvage and breakers,they are also registered with the enviromental agency who issued a unique registration number so a scrap car can be be followed from pick up to depollution which means that your scrap car as being disposed of legally and in a response full manner.So by using breaking and scrapping company you are doing your best for the environment and making the planet a greener and better place to live.So many scrap cars are disposed of illegally that every everything we do help by scrapping our vehicles correctly can impact on those scrapped illegally.

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